Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Overwhelmed by all the enthusiasm we walked to the busses. we just arrived in Hong Kong after a long trip, but we met already so many nice people. Before we could catch a bus we had to figure out what bus we actually had to take. For a local it was not hard to see that we were two tourist trying to make sense of the bus schedule and in a few seconds a very nice lady popped up and asked if we needed a helping hand. “Uhhh yes please we need to go to Nathan Road.” And so we ended up directly in the bus that took us straight to the hostel. Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous region in the south of China. Because it is a former colony of England it’ has this status. However, China is trying to extend their political influence in Hong Kong to great displeasure of many people from Hong Kong. The population of Hong Kong exists of 7 million people and Hong Kong territory contains of 236 islands. Because it’s an old colony of England you will still find influences from this period. Dutch citizens don’t need a visa to visit Hong Kong in contrast to China. We stayed 6 days in this amazing city 3 nights in the hustle of the center and three nights on a very quiet and peaceful island.




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Overweldigd door het enthousiasme liepen we naar de bus. We hadden nog maar een aantal mensen gesproken, maar iedereen was zo behulpzaam. We waren…

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