Travel update

mportant news: On the 8th of july we’ll be back in The Netherlands! Until then we are just gonna enjoy our last month on the road. In other words there will be a radio silence for a while, but after we’re back in Holland we would love to share with you our last adventures. So stay tuned!

Already some photos of the UAZ Bukhanka conversion


Buying the Bukhanka

Still a lot of work to do

First mechanic shop where they worked on the Bukhanka

Preparations for the interior of the Bukhanka 

Thirds mechanic shop for the Bukhanka but only the second stop where they actually worked on it,

Meanwhile we had to shop sometimes quite a bit

And the first actual drive in the Bukhkanka

Really hard work on the inside to finish it intime

And we got a shiny white roof on our Bukhanka