With pain in our hearts we left Albania and we drove up to Lake Ohrid in Macedonia, unfortunately it started as a small deception. We didn’t know anything about Macedonia and actually we didn’t want to know about it, eventually the enthusiasm grew and we enjoyed our stay in Macedonia. Macedonia is stuck between Albania, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria and as a part of the former Yugoslavia also this country has a turbulent history. Lake Ohrid is a touristic place for as well foreigners as Macedonian people. For us the most interesting part of Macedonia was Skopje, people will agree or not, but for us Skopje is a city to never forget.

Tom at the Quadski on lake Ohrid

We had to admit that our campsite was one to come home to. A small campsite directly at the Ohrid lake, there was kind of a barrack with toilets and showers and next to that was a small bar. Nothing more to wish for. When we arrived we directly got invited for coffee and raki of course, Macedonian hospitality. It was such a warm welcome, we directly felled at home here on this campsite. We decided to chill and do nothing for a while so that we could revaluate Albania before moving on to next experiences. We decided to do nothing for two days. It is pretty hard because every day, no matter what, you do something new and you see something new. I mean, we are on a campsite in Macedonia, at the Ohrid lake, even going to the toilet is a completely new experience.

Tom on top of the Magaro

Although we didn’t wanted to do anything, we went to the town of Ohrid, which in our opinion is very touristic. We walked around but decided soon that this was not for us today. We did our groceries and went back to the campsite. Afterwards we heard it was less touristic in the old town and we missed that part of town. Too bad for us, but we actually were very ok with this, we anyway wanted to do nothing. So that’s what we did the rest of the day, we read a book, talked with our neighbors and drank coffee with the owner of the campsite.

The next day we decided that beside doing nothing we needed some exercise. We found a hike which would take us about three hours to walk. In the morning Tom was invited by the neighbor to join him on his quadski. This is a quad that turns in to a jet ski at the moment you enter the water. It can go up to 70 kilometers an hour, as well on the land as on the water. After this completely new experience we drove up to the Galičica National Park. In this park you can find the Magaro peak which is 225 meters in height. We started at 1400 meters and went all the way to the top in one and a half hour. It was a pretty heavy climb, but the view from the top made everything perfect again. Pretty fast we climbed down and went back to the campsite.

Dani on top of the Magara

After our conversation with the owner of the campsite yesterday we promised him to come and eat in his restaurant today. When we got there it was so busy that he didn’t had any free table. He told us that it wouldn’t take long, he might had to give us a table together with another couple, but then we didn’t had to wait so long. He kept promises and it didn’t took him even 10 minutes to give us a table together with an English couple. I was just saying to Tom that I didn’t hope they were planning a romantic meal, we sat down and we asked. Her answer: ’we are talking the whole day together and we had a long drive, so don’t bother about that’. So the story was: an English couple, just two years older than us bought a van and started traveling. They are, like us, planning on a year of traveling and we’re, like us, in love with Albania. So that was it, the start of a lovely night. We ended up having a drink(s) at our tent, we exchanged numbers and following Saturday became date night in Skopje.