Bridge over the Tara river

It’s sad to leave a place when it makes you feel good. This was for sure the case on our campsite in Žabljak. Great campsite, very kind people, pretty surroundings and good and sportive vibes, except for that one cold shower in the morning. But there is so much more to explore. Early in the morning we left to explore another part of Montenegro. We drove to Bijelo Polje. On our way we stopped at the beautiful bridge over the Tara river. It’s a fascinating and gorgeous bridge, but after we walked over, stopped at the side to make a picture and had a coffee with a view over the bridge, we were ready to drive further. On to our next destination. We enjoyed the route we were driving with the again pretty views. Boring, when everything is always so beautiful and fascinating, don’t worry, it’s not boring for us yet.

Around lunch time we arrived at a clearly marked campsite. Actually we were surprised, it was in the middle of nowhere, but it was beautiful. The best way to describe it is as a resort, completely build of wood. It was still pretty early, but after the heavy hike we had yesterday, we had decided to take it easy. The campsite was near to Bijelo Polje, a kind of bigger town or city. We wanted to arrange some stuff there, so the idea was to have some lunch at the campsite and then drive to the center. Only it started raining incredibly hard, there was no way that if the weather would stay like this, we would go to the center. It didn’t really matter, because the internet connection was very good. We could update all our posts and change a bit of the website. About 20:00 it started to look like staff wanted to go home, so we went back to our tent. It was not raining anymore.

The camp part was a big open field with a few electric hookup points and there was a small building with toilets and showers. It looked fine, but beside us, there was nobody. After staff went home, we were the only ones left. Kind of wild camping, but different, more luxurious. It didn’t cost us much at all, only €10,- for the both of us for one night. The next morning we woke up early and took a warm shower on our private campsite. It was weirdly busy in the showers with a million bugs. It looked like a terrarium. There were spiders, mosquitos, flies, something that looked like an earworm and grasshoppers in different colors and sizes. After this interesting shower we searched for somebody around this resort to pay our €10,- and left the campsite. Of we go to Albania!!

Bye bye Montenegro

We stopped for about two hours in Bijelo Polje to arrange the things we wanted to do yesterday. While driving we enjoyed the mountain views and we drove through the first tunnel in Montenegro equipped with lights. It was a perfect route and slowly we ended up at the border crossing with Albania. This was it, this was Montenegro for us. First we had the plan to drive back from Albania to the coastline of Montenegro, but after different people told us several times to better not go there now, we decided not to go. It would be too busy and hot kind of be like Dubrovnik in July. It would only destroy the beautiful picture we now have in mind of Montenegro.

Montengro you were beautiful, we definitely enjoyed our stay here and we will be back. There’s too much left to explore and we would love to chat with our new Dutch-Montenegrin friends. What a land, what a week, what an adventure. Fantastic!

We had company of a few sheeps that were joining us on the road