Dani on top of the Prutaš

The title of this post is a spot on explanation of our hike that we made on our third day in Durmitor. First things first, we need to tell you about our neighbors on this campsite. Both about 70 years old, she always looks a bit moody and he is sleeping half of the day, the other half he is walking slowly over the campsite with his funny face. This was our first impression of these great people. She turned out to be very friendly and far from moody and the reason why he was sleeping the whole day also became very clear. At 07:00 o’clock in the morning when Tom got out of our roof top tent, he had to come over for coffee. Dani came ten minutes later out of our tent (two of these famous five minutes sleep) and she had to come over for coffee as well. We could not escape it and of course it’s never a problem to be invited over for coffee, if it was just coffee. However, the bottle of Ice tea on the table appeared to not be Ice tea and the shot glasses were already next to our coffee cups. At 07:30 in the morning we were drinking Raki with our neighbors.


Coffee and Raki with our neighbours

It was a fun gathering. They each had already two shots of Raki and kept on speaking in Montenegrins. We had Google and tried to translate our questions. Only our pronunciation in Montenegrins was not that good and their reading after these shots was not much better. Luckily there is this women of Google translate who just says what’s been typed. So our Google Translate women made it possible to communicate a bit with those two. About 08:00 we left our new friends and we started our day, slowly. We wanted to go mountain biking.

With two rental bikes we left that morning. We drove over beautiful hills with stunning views and looked down over wide open spaces. We drove through cute, small towns and passed great glacier lakes. At the end of our route we passed the Crno Jezero, the black lake, probably the most touristic attraction of Žabljak. If you see it you’ll understand why, the water is clear blue and the stones around the lake are spotless white. On the background you’ll see the massive mountains of the park among them the Savin Kuk, from where we looked down on this beautiful lake a day before. Around the lake are enormous pine trees. It’s just like a postcard. Around five o’clock we came back to the campsite and the rest of the day we took it easy, because tomorrow would be a heavy one.

Tom enjoying the views of Durmitor National park

And yes it was very heavy, but it was 100% worth it. What a view, but also what a climb. It was definitely not easy. If we look back we also took the heaviest route, but we can’t complain, it was great. At 10:30 that morning we started walking from Šarban, this is about 1671 meters high. The first part was hard, we had to hike a lot of height meters. We were walking to Škrčko ždrijelo, this is at 2114 meters high. Lucky enough to not know then what we know now. The hardest part was still to come. This was peanuts compared to what would came later. From Škrčko ždrijelo we hiked down to Veliko škrčko jezero, a lake at the height of 1723 meters.

Dani is enjoying the view as well 😉

From here we started our climb to the peak of Prutaš. The peak of this mountain is 2393 meters high and from the lake we started climbing. The climbing didn’t stop until we reached the top. Where this hike in the beginning was climb in the sense of walking, this started to look more like real climbing. Hanging on rocks and stuff. It was a big challenge, but after a while we found a good rhythm, we stopped to breath and climbed further. Like our hike went on. After a small disappointment where we thought that we already had reached the top, we packed ourselves together and full of adrenaline we finally reached the real top of the Prutaš. We were on top of the world. This definitely describes best the feeling we had standing right on that point. Wauhw!!

Now there was only left our way back, this was not the same path, another beautiful part of the Durmitor led us all the way down to the car. It started raining, but it didn’t matter, there was no more climbing. Walking down was a big relieve. From 2393 meters we followed small paths all the way down until we were at the height of 1671 meters. About five o’clock we got back to our car, it was only a twenty minute ride back to the campsite, but we made a pit stop. At a small hut where somebody built a bar. We drunk a cold beer and got a locally brewed liquor tasting by the owner of the hut. Again we couldn’t communicate, but it was fun. Tired but happy we crawled up into our sleeping bags that night. What an adventure.

This map is really interesting