Tom en Dani on their way to Zabljak (high plains Durmitor)

For everybody who was in contact with us lately, it was pretty clear: we were super excited to go to Montenegro. Now we are here and it’s even better, more beautiful, and more intense than we could’ve think of before. All this beautiful nature made us speechless and this is very rare. The wide open landscapes, incredible high mountains and extreme deep canyon made us speechless. True story. Indescribable clear blue water flows true the Tara river. The beauty of the nature in this small country can’t be explained by words. We are sold.

Our “pack donkey” on the high plains in Durmitor National Park

Montenegro is one third of the size of the Netherlands and has approximately 600.000 inhabitants. Most of them live in Podgorica the capital of Montenegro. Despite Montenegro is not part of the EU the official currency is the Euro. Long story to explain, but it has something to do with the fact that they were using the “Deutsche Mark” before the Euro came. We have visited Žabljak, a small town at the edge of Montenegro’s first national park Durmitor. Since 1982 this national park is listed as Unesco’s World Heritage. The Tara canyon, which is at its deepest point 1300 meters deep, crosses this national park. Hence it’s the deepest canyon in Europe and after the Grand Canyon the deepest in the world. Durmitor counts 48 mountains over 2000 meter in height. The landscape consists of higher mountains, deep canyons but also extensive farming grounds, old woods and unique glacier lakes.


On your toes you can definitely see more of the view (Durmitor national park) 

From our beautiful first sleeping spot in Montenegro, where we first enjoyed the beautiful blue water of the the Tara river in the morning before we headed to Pluzine. Despite Pluzine was not directly on our route we went out there for some small groceries. Besides an old man who came with his tractor to the supermarket there is not much to see in Pluzine. So after a cup of coffee for only 0,80 cents we drove off to Trsa. The road took us along the extreme blue Piva lake and on small roads with tunnels where light is missing, into the mountains. We enjoyed every part of it. Around 1 pm we arrived in Trsa, a very tiny village in the middle of nowhere and really in the middle of nowhere. It looked like time has passed but Trsa didn’t change for centuries. Since it was still early we decided to change our initial plan, to stay in Trsa for the night, and headed further so Žabljak.

Overwhelmed by the beauty we had already seen that day we drove further with no further expectations. But the views and the scenery got even better. Again overwhelming views, landscapes that could be straight out of “The lord of the rings”. It all made us speechless. Never thought nature could do that with us. Looking at big mountains, deep canyons, green lands and large woods we knew that we are lucky to be there. And so we drove slowly further with our “pack donkey” stopping sometimes for a herd of sheeps or a cow who found a spot on the middle of the road or just because we had to get out to take some pictures of the breathtaking views.

Sometimes you have to pull over to enjoy the beautiful scenery (Durmitor national park)

Near the center of Žabljak we found a campsite. While setting up our roof top tent the temperature already started to drop. Our new neighbors for that night told us that the night before the temperature did not get above six degrees. And in no time it got clear that this night wouldn’t be any warmer. For the first time we moved into our tent before sleeping time, because outside it got to cold. With all sides closed of the tent and some warm sweaters on we went to sleep, but it never got warm that night.