The blue waters of lake Klinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After a strong coffee we were ready for take off, Montenegro here we come! Small roads brought us all the way to Foča, a town just before the border with Montenegro. The views we had were stunning and with every mountain we passed the temperatures dropped. Dani changed her clothes about five times, started with a top and shorts and ended with a sweater and long trousers. What a plus to drive around with all our belongings, everything is there when needed.

We stopped to take some pictures and when we saw a sign with “Lake Klinje” we took a different turn on our route to see what there was to see. We still had to eat our lunch and we thought we might find a good picnic spot. Good it was, beautiful, enormously and clear blue. An huge reservoir lake was laying in front of us. We didn’t see this one coming cause we only knew a bit about Bosnia and this was very unknown for us as well. We drove further along the lake, searching for a spot to stop. When we found one we also found a group of Bosnian barbecuing. Immediately we were invited for lunch and beers and who knows what else. Very friendly we rejected the offer, because we had the feeling that if we would drink one beer we would not be able to leave soon and we still had a drive ahead of us. For a minute, meanwhile we were speaking with our new friends, we enjoyed the view over this enormous lake with her beautiful clear color. A bit further along the road we found a spot where we stopped to eat our lunch.

In Foča we stopped to fill our car with gas and also our jerrycans. The gas here cost less than one euro and our next destinations won’t be cheaper. After this we continued our route on a dirt road, it’s described on the internet as “the most horrible border crossing of Europe”. Bullshit! It may not be the easiest road to drive, but you can’t have everything. When you drive over the border, the part where you go out of Bosnia, you’ll have to cross a wooden bridge, only the sight of this bridge is worth to come here (and don’t forget the beautiful road that leads you to this border). We’ve got video material of this, but until we don’t have a 100% working internet connection we won’t be able to share.

Crystal clear water in the Tara river

Then there was the border office where you actually drive into Montenegro. Yes, finally we were there: Montenegro! It was pretty late and we went to search for a place to sleep. We found this campsite in the woods next to the Tara river. The most beautiful and bluest river we ever saw. We were lucky because it’s normally a place where people sleep in huts, but they let us set up our own tent. We were happy but tired from not sleeping because of the wind the night before. So we slept very early that night rolled up in our sleeping bags, because it got very cold.

Bosnia, we never thought to stay two days and now we’re happy we did, because it was an amazing experience and we’ve learned that we need to come back some day to see more of you.