Tom capturing the beautiful views from the old castle near Blagaj

Today, our second day in Bosnia, we had no plan. So when we woke up we chatted with our new neighbors, two guys from England. They were driving around with a Land Rover Defender and a roof top tent. It was a funny sight these two tents next to each other. Only their car looked way cooler, it made ours even more look like a pack donkey. But we are happy with our pack donkey, it works good for us. After breakfast we checked our route to Turkey, to more or less make a plan how much time we have on each of our destinaitons.

About one o’clock we were ready to go and explore more of Bosnia. After we only drove a few kilometers we found an old castle on the top of the hill and it looked like it would have a killer view over the area. So luckily our pack donkey could bring us up most of the part and there was only half an hour left for us to walk. It was the middle of the day and about 35 degrees, this was for now a long enough walk. We arrived the top and we were right, the view was stunning. The castle was beautiful and there was nobody around which gave us the time to walk around and enjoyed the excellent view. Only when we walked down other people came up. This area, outside of Mostar is still very unexplored.

Kravice waterfalls 

From the castle we drove further to a the waterfalls. We heard that they were very pretty, worth the visit and that there are not so many tourists yet. It’s very popular among the locals. Although we saw quite some cool waterfalls already, it would be nice to have seen these. So we left the castle and went to the “Kravice Waterfalls”. They were beautiful, but it was also very busy, not with tourists, but with locals. We forgot it was Saturday. It’s a nice place for families to spend a saturday, because you can swim there as well. There were so many children running and swimming around that we decided to sit down, enjoy the waterfalls for a while and leave again.

Luckily we went to visit these waterfalls, because if we hadn’t go there we never have founded the best kept secret of Bosnia: Pocitelj. The prettiest old town we ever saw. It’s like time has never passed there. You have to visit this city by car, there’s probably no other option to come here and maybe that’s the reason nobody found out about it yet. It’s not (yet) in the lonely planet, maybe that helps. Anyway it was perfect for us. We could slowly wander around and enjoy the beauty of it all. The city has a old town with the most charming mosque right in the middle of it, then at both sites on top of a hill there are the ruins of an castle. Once it protected the town, now it’s probably the most beautiful castle we saw. From both sides you have an incredible view over the old town, the mosque but also a river and the mountains. It’s hard to explain the beauty of this all.

View over the mosque in Pocitelj

That night we had dinner at the campsite, it has a beautiful little terrace right next to the river. In general Bosnia is not that expensive to go out for dinner. Our bill, for two meals and drinks, including tips (and we’re not bad tippers) was €14,-. Unfortunately it got very windy later that night. We knew that our tent was waterproof, but these gusts of wind were new. It got heavier and heavier and after we prepared the tent and our stuff as good as we could, we went to sleep. At least we tried to sleep. It was hard and about 3:15 we went out to take of the fly-sheet from the roof. It was smashing so hard against the tent that with every gust of wind we thought we would fly away. After we removed this fly-sheet it was way better, but we still didn’t sleep much that night.