View from the old bridge in Mostar

We’ve been given the advise to stay on the road in Bosnia, don’t go off the beaten track. There are still a lot of land mines around, although it should be clearly stated where they are, don’t take any risk. They’re not deadly dangerous, but when you step on one it’s sure that you’ll be living with one or a few limbs less. So when we got out of the car to take a picture of Bosnia’s beautiful landscape, Dani gently letted Tom go first to see if there was any risk. No jokes, we were careful and if you ever visit Bosnia you should be to. In the part of Bosnia that we saw the war is still very alive in buildings, lots of cemeteries and in old bunkers along the road. Just outside Mostar’s old town there’s so much evidence of a hard fight, it’s very impressive.

Islamic influences in Mostar (and check the horrible stones in the background)

After we crossed a super tiny border near to Slano, into Bosnia and Herzegovina, we arrived in a beautiful part of Bosnia. Everywhere we looked we just saw mountains and wide open spaces with small towns. The views were amazing and so different from what we saw the last week at the seaside. We stopped a few times to make pictures (Tom first out of the car, then Dani) and slowly we drove all the way up to Mostar. The old town of Mostar is gorgeous. It has all small streets where you can just wander around forever, every time you’ll find new corners to discover, with new shops or restaurants. The streets are made of cobblestones, which are horrible to walk on, but that doesn’t matter. In the middle of these small streets is a river with a beautiful bridge. Rebuilded after it was demolished down in the Second World War. You kind of get the feeling you’re in turkey when you’re walking around in Mostar. There’s a big islamic influence in the city, although you also see a lot of orthodox and Christian churches. It’s good to see they all live peacefully together. Only the food makes a visit to the old town of Mostar worth it. It’s delightful with a lot of local specialties and it’s very cheap. After our very nice meal with a view on the beautiful bridge we decided to take a walk around the city. It got less busy and we had way more space to enjoy the beauty of this little old town.

Trails of the war

At the end of the day we drove to a campsite near Mostar. Our new friends from Holland who are living in Montenegro gave us the name of a nice campsite, it was again a perfect advice. Not too big, good atmosphere and very friendly owners. So with our feet out in the river we enjoyed a big welcome: two beers and a plate full of fresh fruit and here we decided that we definitely needed to stay two days in Bosnia and Herzegovina.