Small street in Dubrovnik

The title of this post is maybe a little bit misplaced. Yes we went to Dubrovnik and we wanted to give an extensive story of this beautiful city. But, after an astonishing three hours in Dubrovnik we decided to take the bus back to Slano, back to the campsite back to our peaceful spot with our roof top tent.

Monday morning we arrived at our new campsite in Slano. As you could have read in our last post, we are quite happy with our new spot. After some unexpected high expenses on stuff Tom still needed for the car, some very fashionable water shoes and a quite expensive dinner we decided to take it easy the next few days to get out of the red numbers. Not a real punishment on a campsite like this. Waking up with the sound of the sea and a turtle next to our car, you can imagine we enjoyed our stay here. And then there was this snake who came to join us. Not aware that there were snakes in Croatia it scared us a bit in the beginning. However, we’ve been told that these kind of snakes, salamander snakes, are not dangerous at all so nothing to worry about. Nevertheless I moved our table and chairs a bit to the side.

Tuesday we took it easy, Tom had to do some administrative work and created a fascinating office. In his swimming shorts at a “desk” with sea view he made the Dutch tax authorities happy. At that night we had a very interesting meeting with people we met on the campsite. We had a meeting with probably the only two Dutch persons on this campsite and even in the whole area. Well real Dutch is maybe not the right term for them. She, Marianne, lives in Montenegro for over more than 45 years and he Paul has seen a lot of places in the past for his work and lives now for more than eight years in Montenegro. And the coincidence is that our next destination is Montenegro. And it even gets better, Paul is the writer of the Dutch travel guides for Montenegro and Albania. Guess what our destination after Montenegro is… yes Albania. We had a great night, heard the best stories about both countries and yes we got free travel advice.

Tom’s office in Slano

After our saving day we went to Dubrovnik on Wednesday. The bus would be easier and cheaper to take than driving our own car so we went by bus. Full of good ideas and plans of what to do in Dubrovnik we walked to the old city center. Just in a few seconds it was clear that more people had the idea to visit Dubrovnik. The old city  center of Dubrovnik is surrounded by high city walls with astonishing views over the sea, the mountains and the city. However we didn’t see them. Why, because to get on these city walls you have to pay 20 euro per person. Yes 20 real euros, wauhw. It’s not a problem for us to pay for these kind of things, but 20 euro for just a wall? It’s not that that they have to finance the construction of it, it’s there for years, or not.

There is more in Dubrovnik than these walls. You can just wander in the old streets and imagine yourself in a scene of Game of thrones. Or maybe not, there are thousands of other tourists there with you, which makes this hardly possible. And then there are these walls, these walls again. Every small breeze is kept out of the city by these damn walls. Which means the city is very hot. And then there are a lot of groups with tour guides. Despite that Dubrovnik is a very beautiful city we were just a mismatch today. Maybe one day we are heading back to Dubrovnik, but for sure it will be in a different season. So after three hours we took the bus back to Slano with the comforting idea in our minds that there will be many more nice places we will visit this year.

One of the abandoned caravans near the road 

On Thursday morning we got out early for a morning hike. Small roads with a continuous view over the sea took us to small villages. There was enough to see on these roads since they were used as scrap heaps for abandoned cars, caravans, boats and trailers. While walking we were imagining how life would look like in ten years around here. Roads got asphalted hotels are build. In our opinion it’s a waste, but definitely logical since the beautiness of the bay. Too bad that we have to leave this beautiful place behind us tomorrow, but full of energy we will head to our next destination, Montenegro. But first a short stop in Mostar.

View from Trnova