On Monday morning we left our cute camping spot between the olives threes to drive further south. Where we were heading exactly was not clear, but we needed to drive south. Before anything else we first wanted to visit the “famous” Benkovac farmers market. We heard and read that it’s something you just have to see for yourself if you’re around. The market is held once every month on the 10th. No matter what day it is, a Tuesday or a Sunday. So this month it was on a Monday. Benkovac was only a 30 minute drive from Bibinje. When we arrived this town we didn’t really had to search for the market. Cars with tables on top of them were passing frequently, we knew which way to go.

Farmers market Benkovac

Everything from magic snake hose pipes to shiny Borat underpants, pigs and watches. Anything you can think of and also anything that you can’t think of you can find on this market. Watermelons, chickens of all sizes, axes, fur jackets, old picture frames and thousand kinds of different shoes. Toy guns were laying next to guns that looked way too real. There was just so much stuff. Also fruits and vegetables and chairs and tables, just anything you might need (or not) in life. It was a beautiful chaos and enjoyed every minute

Farmers market Benkovac

Apart from the fun and chaos farmers market, the war’s history got quite clear again in Benkovac. Again broken and abandoned houses. Also houses where we thought nobody would live there anymore, but when we took a better look there were still curtains in front of the place where once were windows. New houses are build, but not finished. It’s all interesting and very impressive to see. Anyway, from Benkovac we drove further south and while we were trying to avoid the toll roads, we found a fantastic other route. The distance was the same, but you can’t just not drive to fast on these small land roads. So it took us way longer to reach our destination. It didn’t matter, we had stunning wide views, enjoyed the beauty of the olives trees and the tranquility in the small towns. Unfortunately again a lot of broken houses, large cemeteries and so now and then a memorial. We saw bunkers were trees grow out of the roof and nature has taken over, this happens to a lot of houses also.

Somewhere in the afternoon we reached Bosnia-Herzegovina, it was not even a half hour drive before we were back in Croatia. This part we had to pass because we wanted to stay somewhere near Dubrovnik. We found the best campsite just 35 km out of Dubrovnik. Lucky us again. We stranded on this beautiful campsite which is nowhere to be found on the internet or in the books, otherwise it would be overcrowded already. The owner is lovely, all the people around here are so nice and the view, the view is just stunning. Until we’re heading Montenegro we’re not going anywhere else.

Our spot in Slano, Croatia