Crowded “pilgrimage” to the fall nearby Valbondione.

After just a few hours of sleep last night, we decided to treat ourselves. A nice and comfortable camping for a good night sleep. Of course we didn’t want to outreach our budget, but we said to each other that if it would be a little more expensive than what we paid until now for camping, we wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. We found “Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche” on the internet for a good hike on Sunday morning. So Saturday afternoon we went searching for a camp spot around a small village, called Valbondione, near to this park. Soon we found out that there would be few options to choose from. In the village itself there was a camping where we only saw mobile homes which were there for a very long time and couldn’t move anymore, same with the owners of these mobile homes; they were there for a very long time and the were mostly very old people. Normally, because it’s only for one night, we couldn’t be bothered, but now, after last night, we decided to search for another place. Brave we went further, but when it took another hour to find the next camping and again we only saw mobile homes that not have been moved for the last century, we decided to give up. Luckily the owner was very friendly and we didn’t had to pay so much.

When we drove back to Valbondione the next morning, it appeared we were not the only ones with the plan to hike around here. A few kilometers before we arrived in Valbondione, we already had to buy a parking ticket to park in the village. In our best Italian we asked the guy at the parking space why there were so many people around, he explained that it was because of the waterfall. What kind of waterfall must this be?

The “amazing” fall

After a pretty heavy hike uphill of two hours we finally reached the “famous” waterfall. And yes, it was a waterfall, not even a ugly one. But we could definitely NOT understand why there were a few thousand people gathered here to see this waterfall today. On our way back we chose for an easier walk and afterwards we drove to “Lago di Garda”. From here on it would not be so far to our Italian friends in Mirandola.

The camping at the Garda lake was most certainly the camping that we were searching for yesterday. We were lucky there was enough space, it was Sunday afternoon and the camping was packed. It was to early for Italy to be on vacation already. This got confirmed when at 20:00 the camping was almost empty. It was just busy for the weekend. Monday we took it easy, a run along the lake, a swim in the clear water and some reorganization in the car. At 17:00 we reached Mirandola and that’s when our real “Italy”-experience started. A great, unique and fun week.