Car and roof tent

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The most important thing of our “travel preps”-list was buying a car. We’ve bought a Suzuki Grand Vitara from the year 2001. This 4 wheel drive is going to come along with us for a lot of kilometers. Preparations not only include buying a car but also prepare the car for us and the road. Tom is, with a lot of help from Frank, getting the car ready for our adventure.





Another very important point on our list was to have a place to sleep that comes along with the car. To build up and break down our tent everyday was not something we would’ve looked forward to, to sleep every night in a hotel is unfortunately not what our budget has in mind for us and to sleep in the car would end up us splitting up after two days on the road because that’s definitely too small. Nobody wants that so luckily we found another solution: a roof top tent. In Holland, but also in Europe the roof top tent is lesser known than in other places in the world. It has been challenging to find one for a reasonable price and good quality, but we’ve got it. After visiting a big camping congress in Essen, Germany we can call ourselves the proud owners of a “Gordigear” roof top tent.