Mallorca – where it all started

How life has been living on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, in the world?

It has been fascinating, fun and definitely a learning process. Living here for over six years thought me a lot about the different faces of the Island. It only has been the last three years that I’ve really started to explore the island in different ways and I could not slap myself harder in the face for being stupid that I never did that before. Do you know how you never really go out and explore your own country in the way you explore a country as when you’re there on a holiday, a trip or a big adventure? Home is home and home is where you think you know all the corners, but who does really go out and explore the city or country where they live in? Not so many people.

So but on the other hand I am glad I found out on time that I had to move my ass further than the village I live in and the city next to it. Mallorca got so much more to offer.

Beautiful mountains

Mallorca has such a beautiful countryside with mountains everywhere you look. Go out and explore, there are so many different hiking trails, it is impossible to walk them all. But each of them is adventurous, exciting and more beautiful than you can imagine.


Breathtaking view up on the Puig d’Alaró

High up in the clouds on the mountains between Valdemossa and Deía

Rock climbing at the seaside of Estellenc

 Hiking to a lunch spot somewhere down there where the paella is delicious and the wine is cold

This is just a small selection which shows how great hiking in Mallorca will treat you.

Impressive beaches

There are luckily enough still a lot of hidden gems on the island. Beautiful beaches which are still quiet in summer and where we could enjoy our day off in piece, to return the next day back to work full of power and new energy. In winter the beaches are even more prettier. The water is so clean and depending on the wind it’s beautiful calm or excitingly stormy.


Playa des muro – exciting and beautifully quiet in winter, don’t dare to go in summer

Cala des Borgit – beautiful small cala in the middle of Parque Natural de Mondragó

Delta – Stunning views and clear waters at Delta, just around the corner of where we live.

Mallorca’s beaches are like postcards. I can stare at it forever and never get bored…

Hard work

Then there’s the job. An incredible big part of my life here in Mallorca. It has been the hardest job I’ve ever had. But it has been worth it, there was no day that I didn’t feel like going to work. There was no day that I woke up and had the thought of calling in sick. No, because how shit it was at some moments I was lucky to work with the coolest and nicest and sweetest and above all craziest people in the world. The best colleagues and the best boss. My colleagues who appreciated me and respected me and my boss who gave me all the freedom in the world to develop myself and to help him grow his business into one of the biggest in the area.

Also this job gave me the freedom to travel in winter, to get to know the world and to find out who I am.

Home Sweet Home

There are a few reasons why Mallorca has treated me so well for the last few years. One of them was definitely the house, at the beach with the most loveliest view on earth. The vibe was just the best. Our house was a welcoming house for our friends and family, a place where everybody felt at home. A place with hard laughs and touching cries, a place where everybody came together. This was our home.

Also the greatest friends in the world made Mallorca feel like home. After a few years living here I couldn’t say if Holland or Mallorca feels more like home. I just went flying from home to home and I don’t believe there are words that can describe this feeling. At least I know that it’s definitely hard for a lot of people to understand what it’s like to have two places that are home. You can’t divide yourself in two persons. Mallorca wouldn’t be home without all the great people I met here.

At the end this whole “living in another country” experience made me a different person and I can’t tell what will happen if we come back from our big trip. Mallorca will always be a special place to me.