About us

About us

 In June 2017 we’re hittin’ the road. With our roof top tent and our 4 wheel drive you’ll find us somewhere between Holland and Kazakhstan. The plan is to travel for a year, but who knows where this trip will lead to. After living in Mallorca, Spain for several years we’re ready for some new adventure. We’ll exchange our beautiful apartment at the seafront for a new experience, not knowing where this will end. Combine the ultimate feeling of freedom with unlimited time and you’ll find our dream coming true. Through this page we would like to take you on our trip.

We will start our adventure in Holland. On our way to Kazakhstan we will visit the following countries: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Turkmenistan. Also we’re not planning on skipping Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. A big part of the Pamir Highway goes straight through these two countries and driving this Pamir Highway is rated very high on our wish list.

At the end of October 2017 we’re hoping to reach Kazakhstan. We will leave our home; our car and roof top tent, there to our friends in Astana and we will start backpacking Asia for the next six months or so. No exact plans on this part yet. After about a half a year we will return to Kazakhstan and pick up our stuff to drive further to Mongolia. After Mongolia we’ll start our way back home, first through Russia, then Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany until we reach Holland again.

There’s a big chance our trip is not going as we planned due to problems at some of the borders, camels on the road or visa complications. But all ways lead to Rome, so by that time we will find some solution. It’s all part of the adventure.

Anyway, are you as curious as we are to find out how we will be dealing with breakdowns, wild camping, crossing borders and being constantly in each other’s pocket, then you’ve got to follow us on this trip. Also we won’t leave you hanging without incredible pictures, videos and stories. Will you follow this postcard?


“The view we’re going to leave behind – El Arenal, Mallorca “