We are Dani and Tom, both 29 years old and from a small town in Holland. After high school Dani left to study in a city called Breda, already during her study she was working on the beautiful Spanish island Mallorca. After finishing her studies she stayed there she lived and worked here for eight years. Tom left the small town to go live and study in Tilburg, afterwards he went to Austria to be a ski instructor for the winter. That winter we met again after not seeing each other for almost ten years. We felled in love and Tom went to live and work in Mallorca as well. After living here together for two years we thought it was time for a change. This change resulted in our big adventure, this roadtrip.


On the 10th of June we left Holland in our Suzuki Grand Vitara and with our roof top tent on the top of our car. By the time it was October we reached Kazakhstan and by the end of the month we were in Almaty. Because of the cold winters in Central Asia we decided to go backpacking for three months. On the 8th of November we flew to Hong Kong and continued our travels from there to Japan. After three and half a week in crazy, beautiful Japan we went to the Philippines and Vietnam. On the 1st of February we flew from Vietnam back to Kazakhstan, back to Almaty. By now we’ve almost spend a whole month in Almaty and we loved every second of it. We spend a lot of time with the lovely people we got to know here and visited some beautiful places just outside of the city. Also we went skiing and snowboarding on the beautiful Shymbulak. On the 1st of March we’ll continue our big road trip further through Uzbekistan, Tadzjikistan and Kyrgyzstan. From Kyrgyzstan we’ll drive back to Kazakhstan.


Are you as curious as we are to find out how we will be dealing with breakdowns, wild camping, crossing borders and being constantly in each other’s pocket, then you have to follow us on this trip. Also we won’t leave you hanging without incredible pictures, videos and stories. Will you follow this postcard?