The amount of tourist going to Turkey is strongly decreased last year. Following the Turkish national tourism agency there are coming 17 percent tourists coming to Turkey compared to last year. And that is a lot. Turkey is less attractive for tourist because of recent terrorist attacks and the failed coup of last year. At the start of August the same agency announced that there was a little increase in tourism however, Dutch tourists still ignore Turkey. We slowly got to see with our own eyes how beautiful Turkey is and what a welcoming people live here. A destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Sunset Ankara

From Istanbul we drove in approximately 6 hours to Ankara. We had to visit Ankara for our Turkmenistan visa. For the people who are not familiar with the Turkmenistan visa regulations, we can tell you it’s pretty hard to get one definitely if you want to go in by car like us. The story about this visa starts already 2 days before we left Holland for our road trip. We had to go to Brussels to the Turkmenistan embassy, since there is no embassy or consulate in Holland. All the stress we had to fill in all the paperwork, resulted in a letter of invitation. We got this news in Slovenia, but to receive this letter we firstly had to transfer 10 euro’s to the Turkmenistan embassy in Brussels. After we had proved that we transferred the money to their account they sent us the letter. We were cautious not to be too happy since it was only a letter of invitation and as we heard and thought things still could go wrong. However, we had the letter so we took it on Thursday morning to the Turkmenistan embassy in Ankara. After some formalities and 100 euro less in our pockets we left Ankara, BUT with a Turkmenistan visa in our passport. We were so happy that we actually had to restrain ourselves not to jump around in the embassies office.

Our camp spot for the night

The next day we pulled over somewhere near the lake to actually set foot on it. The deepest point of the lake, when the water is high, is not deeper than two meters. In the summer season, the time we were there, most of the water is vaporized. This gave us the opportunity to shoot some cool and funny pictures and thought by ourselves why the hell not one tourist was coming to this part of the lake. After this intermezzo we continued the rout to Göreme with big smiles on our faces. Finally we were heading for CAPPADOCIA a destination in our travel plan which we looked forward to for ages.

We had some spare time to make some cool sunset pictures near Tuz Gölü

Completely excited we drove away from Ankara to Göreme. But we were already quite late because of the whole visa thing, so driving straight to Göreme was no option. We decided to stop for the night at a salt lake and look Thor for a nice wild camp spot. Via a desolated town and a salt road we got at a huge salt extracting place. Tom politely asked if it was no problem we stayed around here for the night. No problem of course. But near this place there was just too much wind. We decided to look a little further for a nice spot and after a dirt road and a final part completely off road we found a nice spot, less windy and between two small hills. From our roof top tent we could see the salt lake however, if we climbed a little up the hill we had a fantastic view on the lake with an astonishing sunset. We watched the sunset, enjoyed the silent and went early into bed. Because we knew we would wake up early because there was no shade at our spot.

The unique “Toz Gülü” Salt Lake, excellent for making perfect pictures