The famous bridge of Lavertezzo 

So now it’s real. We are truly ‘one-night’-experienced wild campers. A great experience, but definitely a weird one. Friday afternoon we went as inexperienced wild campers searching for a spot to illegally and sneaky stay for the night. What a stress!

Highly recommended by our Switzerland expert Remy, we went on Friday morning from Switzerland to Italy over the Simplon pass to come back in Switzerland just a bit before Locarno. Again incredible views. After a short picnic stop in the mountains next to a small river we went further to Valle Maggio. This valley together with Valle Verzasca and Valle Lavertezzo and the road to get their was something we definitely should’ve seen when we were around. And thanks Remy, you didn’t say too much, it was incredibly beautiful

Wild camping in Valle Maggia

But still did Switzerland not fit in our budget so here was the moment we decided to go wild camping in Valle Maggio. It’s a completely weird and inappropriate feeling. Not only because you’re just parking your car somewhere in a area you don’t know, but also because it’s strictly forbidden to wild camp in Switzerland. And a fine at the level of the Swiss Franc is something that definitely didn’t fit our budget. We took the risk anyway and now we’re laying here in our roof top tent and I (Dani) can’t sleep. So I just started writing this story. Hysterical, every time I here something I think someone is at our tent to give us a fine. At a certain point I decide to annoy Tom with my “I really can’t sleep”, I get a grumpy answer with “it will come when it comes”. That’s actually not what I wanted to hear, but I just have to laugh. The whole situation is just so funny. So I decide that when I am the whole night awake it’s a good preparation for everthing that will happen further on during our trip. Pretty convinced of the fact that I can fall asleep now, I put my ipad away… shit I hope I don’t have to pee. And I am clearly awake again. This goes on until about three o’clock, yes I know because the church’s bell is ringing every half an hour. At least I know the time while I am laying next to a snoring Tom and waiting until “my sleep comes along.

At the end when I am still awake at 05:00 o’clock (church bell again) I get the genius idea to put some toilet paper in my ears, so I don’t hear the noise of the wind and the leafs anymore. This way I also stop thinking about somebody standing under our tent. It works and at the end I sleep for one and a half hour.

At 06:30 our alarm goes and I am surprisingly awake for only one and a half hour of sleep. We didn’t want to get in any problems with anybody checking for wild campers so we putted our tent together and drove away to a “normal” park space. On our way, which was only 5 minutes, we saw some security checking up on two people wild camping with their van. We’ve been pretty lucky.

Valle Verzasca

After a run and a ice cold “shower” in the river of Maggio we drove to Valle Lavertezzo and Valle Verzasca. We admired the beautiful bridge of Lavertezzo for a small amount of time and then searched for a more quiet spot to spent the morning. Now we’re in Italy and we’ve already finished a small, very small part of our big adventure. Goodbye Switzerland and thank you Remy for your hospitality and your “gezelligheid”.  

Selfie with Remy