Departure Day

The countdown has started. On Thursday the 8th of June, just two days before we had to leave, we had to go to the Turkmen Embassy in Brussels to apply for our Turkmen Visa. The plan was to leave at 06:30 in the morning. Unfortunately we had to fill in all our application forms on the same morning. With one hour delay we left at 07:30 for Brussels.

In Brussels we handed out all the papers and there was actually nothing more that we could’ve done there. They told us that normally it takes two weeks before you know if your visa is approved, but at the time it’s about four weeks before you know anything. Nobody knows why so we’ll just wait and see.

10th of June 2017


Finally our departure day had arrived. At 10:00 in the morning we wanted to leave and although there were a lot of people who didn’t believe that we would actually made it the same day, after a little emotional goodbye we left at 10:30. A delay of half an hour. Just before we left Tom went to buy a new phone, his got damaged the night before at about eleven o’clock. Important to know is that it wasn’t his own fault. We will keep a secret whose fault it was, because an hour before we left he had a brand new phone and the whole problem was solved.

Freedom and happiness!! After so many preparations, conversations, endless nights of surfing the web and a lot of hours working on the car we were finally on our way. This was good! This is what we’ve worked for so hard all that time.

It all started as a dream, this dream became a plan and now we’re living our dream.

Enthusiast and full of adrenaline we drove away. From Wijchen, our small town in the Netherlands, trough Belgium and Luxembourg to Germany. When we arrived Germany we pretty fast found a camping and on a romantic spot at the lake we unfolded our roof top tent. This was it, our big adventure had finally started. With a restless feeling we decided to go for a run. This turned out to be a good idea, because afterwards we finally found the rest to sit down and relax, eat and chat about how we could easily get used to this life.