Easy going preps

How can a person change himself so badly in just a week. Such a difference. Yesterday 31st of May we went back to the office of our municipality. First of all to get our extra thick, new passport and second of all to unsubscribe us from the Dutch register. After sorting out some stuff we found out that definitely for Dani it didn’t really matter if she was officially homeless or not. For Tom on the other hand it was more easy if he could unsubscribe himself after eight months (which is the official time your aloud to spend outside of Holland and not having to unsubscribe yourself) over the internet for example.

Luckily there was finally some good news from our municipality and they made an exception for our situation. Tom will be able to unsubscribe himself after more than eight months on the road. We were very happy with this news but most of all we were very surprised.

Meanwhile we’re continuing our preparations. Thursday 8th of June, two days before we leave, we will go to the Turkmen embassy in Brussels to apply for a Turkmen visa. We hope that we can later on pick it up in Turkey.

Also it’s very difficult to cross the border of Iran with a car without a Carnet de Passage. A Carnet de Passage is a customs document that identifies a traveler’s motor vehicle. The Carnet allows travelers to temporarily import their vehicles, without having to leave a cash deposit at the border. It is, in essence, an international guarantee for payment of customs duties and taxes to a government should the vehicle not be re-exported from that country. This sounds perfect, but to get the Carnet de Passage you have to pay a deposit of €5.000,00 to the ADAC (General German Automobile Club). Dutch people have to arrange this is Germany.

Not only does €5.000,00 fit in our financial plan, there’s definitely a chance that something will happen to the car or it will get stolen. In that case not only your car is stolen but you’ll also loose €5.000,00 or a part of this amount of money. So we took some time to search for alternative solutions. Of course you can pay a deposit at the border, but the chance that you’ll see that money back seems very small to us. After a while we kept coming back on the internet page of Mr. Hossein. True his website www.iranoverland.com he arranges a temporarily Carnet de Passage for people who don’t have the Carnet de Passage but still want to enter Iran by car. This is totally legal, but as a non-Farsi speaking tourist it’s not possible to arrange this by yourself. We will enter Iran true Armenia which means that we will have two weeks in Iran if we do it this way. Unfortunately it’s not the whole month that we hoped it was, but it’s more than nothing and we’re happy. Based on good trust we arranged that we see each other on the 28th of September at the Iranian-Armenian border. A deposit was not necessary and of course there’s no official confirmation. Based on the good critics we’ve read on the internet about Mr. Hossein we assume that everything is going to be alright.

To be continued…