Project trunk

From the moment we’ve bought the car we did a lot of maintenance. But we needed some adjustments in the inside as well, to make it travel proof. The question was how to start this project. Fortunately I had some Sketchup skills from the period I’ve worked for the Cito in Arnhem.

Funny story actually, because I made a lot of drawings in Skecthup for the Cito, but in the end, it turned out that they were totally obsolete because Cito didn’t have the license for commercial usage. Which left the Cito with a lot of useless 3d drawings and me with a bit of Sketch up skills.





Ass you see in the pictures I made some detailed sketches for the back interior of our Grand Vitara. The nice part of starting with a drawing is that you already know the pitfalls of the project and you can solve them on paper instead of doing things over ten times during the build. I was quite happy with the result of the drawing and sent them to Dani so she could have an idea of what i was doing with our car. Fortunately, Dani is very technically informed and instantly understood what I was going to build… or maybe not.




However, the drawings gave me all the insight of what I needed to buy. After some shopping, I started DIYing. For the built I had all the tools a DIYer could dream of, because Frank (the almost husband of Dani’s mom) has a very complete collection of the finest tools. As you can see on the picture, the project progressed quite good and fast. In one and a half weekend and some spare hours in the night I finished the whole build.






To give Dani an understanding of what I’ve done with the car, I had to send a video. And yes, that did the trick. My video was so damn great that she showed it to everyone on Mallorca. Love you honey! 😉